Booking Conditions

The followings are the terms and conditions of Any person tickets from must have to accept all the terms and There are no exceptions from the company’s policy, mentioned below, in any condition unless specified by the company.

Details of passengers and flights must be correct

It is your duty to verify that all the information on the ticket is accurate, including the passenger names (which must match those on the passport or other travel documents), travel dates, transit time, origin and destination, stopover, baggage allowance, and other flight details.

Passport, visa & immigration requirements

All of the listed things, including your passport, visas (including transit visas), and other immigration regulations, are your responsibility. Because regulations might occasionally change, you must check with the relevant Embassy or Consulate well in advance of your departure time Our company regrets that we cannot provide transit visas, or assume responsibility for refusals of boarding, failures to pass immigration, or failures to provide necessary information, such as a passport, visa, or other documentation required by an airline, authority, or nation.. Additionally, we advise you to look up travel advice on our website.

Confirmation of Return Flights

It is the obligation of the passenger to RECONFIRM their flights at least 72 hours before to departure, either through their travel agency or with the appropriate airline directly.In the event that you fail to reconfirm your flights or provide necessary documents, the company will not cover any additional expenses.

Responsibility for your belongings

It is the duty of the traveler to make sure they have proper travel insurance that meets their needs and that they have fulfilled all health and immunization requirements for the countries they will be visiting. In that situation, you must get in touch with the appropriate airline immediately.

Policies Regarding Deposit and Refunds

This is applicable 48 hours before the departure of your flight. After this duration tickets are



Economy and discounted tickets are non-changeable in case of NO-SHOW or same-day traveling. To avoid any inconvenience you can contact us.Ticket compensation is not provided by the company in case the customer fails to reach the airport on time. When a customer decides to not travel, we submit a refund request on GDS (Global Distribution System), and we refund whatever amount we receive back to the customer. Refunds will take 04 to 16 weeks. Every airline has different policies.

Please be aware that the fare and taxes are subject to change at any time without prior notice if you are making an advance partial payment (initial deposit) to reserve a flight.If that occurs, we will not be responsible, and the traveler will be responsible for the additional fare or tax. To avoid this circumstance, we always advise you to pay immediately and have your ticket issued.

Health Concerns

In the time of issuance of your ticket, please inform us of any special requirements you may have, such as food preferences, seat requests, or wheelchair requirements. While we will do our best to comply with these by bypassing this request to the appropriate airlines, we cannot guarantee so, and failing to do so will not subject us to liability for any claims.

Covid-19 and Global Restrictions

The certificate must be for a polymerase chain reaction PCR swab test. Bring a printed certificate with you. If the airline requires a Covid-19 PCR test you have to do a Covid-19 PCR test 72 hours before departure. Because that report is only valid for 3 days. The day you will give a sample for testing time will start from that day. Because during traveling you have to take that report with you. You have to keep your Covid-19 PCR test report with you while traveling just to avoid any problems.

It is entirely conceivable that the airline decides not to issue a refund at all and instead simply provides the traveler with the choice of a future date change or credit voucherA refund is not available in that situation due to airline regulations. You won’t be eligible for a refund if the airline is operating the flight and you opt not to board.

Unforeseen Circumstances and Companies Policy

It is pertinent to mention that in case of an unforeseen issue, like cancellation of a flight due to weather conditions, natural disaster, pandemic restriction, or local territorial issues then the company will not be responsible for it.

Terms and in Detail

When making a purchase or reservation, you certify that you are able to accept the terms of these of any contract principal for whom we are acting as agent and that you really do so on behalf of your party or dependent. Therefore, we kindly ask that you spend some time reading the terms and conditions set forth below and which apply to all transactions and purchases made with us.


The confirmation email includes comprehensive traveler data, a timetable, payment information, corporate contact information, and terms and conditions. Within 24 (normal) to 48 hours (exceptional case) of reservation, both parties must confirm or respond in writing (where applicable) to the flight reservation, schedule, and information

E-Tickets and Readjustment

. However, a traveler has the option to email the company as quickly as possible to suggest adjustments (if any).

Personal Information Use

Since online reservations are systematic in nature, there will be no contract between you and the firm in the event of technological problems. While the Verification Officer may use all available information and make a choice that is beneficial for the traveler and the organization in cases of phonetic mistakes.

When a traveler uses a name other than the one shown on their credit card, or when a friend, business, or member of their family is paying for or on behalf of a trip, the corporation may demand or request all third-party card verification documentation. For your financial protection and to safeguard our clients from the abuse of lost or stolen cards during online or telephone reservations, third-party card documentation is strictly necessary. Travelers who don’t promptly present all bank and third-party card documentation may either incur cancellation fees or tickets.

Cancellation of Scheduled Flights

Nevertheless, depending on the airline and the location, certain flights/reservations could not be changeable or transferable, and there might be a fee for cancellation

Cancellation Fee

If there are external changing factors (factors not related to the firm itself) or if the traveler herself/himself cancels the flights of her/his own free choice or for other reasons, there will be a cancellation fee. Depending on the specific airline’s policy and the location, reservations may also be completely non-refundable in the case of the majority of the economy or special promotional rates. Check before filing a cancellation.

Before the specified deadline or ticket expiration date, you must pay the remaining balance on your reservation. Please be aware that we never send reminders. The services, policies, procedures, or standards of the airline or the hotel are not the responsibility of the company.

Visa and Documentation

Prior to traveling or making a reservation, you should verify with the relevant consulate or embassy about any issues relating to visas, transit, passports, or travel documents. The company is not liable for offering, aiding, or providing advice about the need for necessary travel papers, transit visas, or visas for entrance clearance.

Please feel free to reach out to the appropriate managers in each section/unit or the central customer services department for assistance in solving issues or providing customer care. At the earliest opportunity, an impartial entity oversees and handles all complaints.

Modes of Booking

Reservations made over the Internet/ Online reservations

The traveler personally makes, chooses, and reserves online bookings using a central reservation system (online booking engine), and it is his or her obligation to choose the most relevant, accurate, and necessary flight timings, schedules, or other information When a traveler submits a “Flight Order” or “Inquiry email” after using a search engine or website, a travel agent or consultant will phone, email, or otherwise get in touch with the inquirer to present available flight and lodging alternatives for booking that are precise matches to the flight order.

Reservations made over the phone

The traveler or caller can call and ask about costs, specifics, or timetables, as well as make reservations. When making a reservation over the phone, the caller must record the agent’s name and direct phone number for future contact with the appropriate agent. finalize the caller’s reservation in the central reservation system, the caller may provide payment or credit card information over the phone.

In-Person Booking

To make reservations for flights or accommodations, to make payments, or to pick up tickets, you are welcome to come to our office in person

Types Of Reservation

Any purchase made via or from us is subject to the clauses, terms, and conditions set out in this agreement.

Flight Reservation

We welcome and accommodate all forms of flight reservation, including those made through email, telephone, in-person, and online. We also provide the ability to order roundtrip tickets, one-way tickets, group reservations, and reservations for flights in business or economy class. Reservation for a hotel, place to stay, or vacation package

Payment methods

We provide cozy, practical, and quick payment options for on-time reservations and ticketing.

Credit card payments

When making reservations over the phone or online, using a credit card is the most popular method of payment. Where the cardholder’s name differs from the traveler’s, a third-party documentation policy is applicable.

Payment in cash

For reservations made for today or right away, it is the fastest method of payment. However, we do not take postal mail payments in cash. Travelers are welcome to make cash payments at our office. To ensure that your reservation, ticket, and voucher are in order, we do, however, highly advise that you phone ahead of time When making a cash deposit, please specify your booking reference number or complete name. After paying in cash, phone your agent to let them know.

Personal/company cheques& bank drafts

Personal Or Business Make checks payable to “Company” alone. Please be aware that before tickets may be provided, we must wait ten working days for check clearance Please be aware that procedure or payment method delays may have an impact on the final cost, and that any differentials (if any) will be due from the traveler at the time of issuance.

Who are we?

We are ATOL and IATA authorized company’s retail agents. . Visit the ATOL website at for further details. Please inquire at the time of booking for complete information on the financial protection in place for your reservation.

How are you secure?

For our customers’ financial security, we have created a double-checked, foul-proof system. You may either verify your statement online or by calling the relevant bank to get this information. The amount must match our records exactly (it cannot be a round number but rather pounds and a few pence).

Third-party card payments requirements & responsibilities

Also, a photograph i.D.

One may visit our office with all files and in a case wherein s/he does now not want to fax/mail the 0.33 birthday celebration card files. In case, if exceptional documents are not provided, our verification officer reserves the right to terminate reservations without or with cancellation costs implemented.

Adjustments & cancellations policy

The following adjustments and Cancellation coverage practice on all purchase objects/excursion/package/resort/flight ar other services with no regard to the mode of price or mode of reservation.

Adjustments in reservation:

If, after an affirmation e-mail/invoice has been issued, you want to exchange your excursion preparations / Flight reservation, we can do our utmost to assist you, but ninety-eight% suppliers especially airways, do no longer allow changes and tickets are strictly non-refundable, non-changeable and non-transferable. Any exchange to an itinerary previous to the receipt of your very last price may be dealt with as a modification. In making the alteration thinking that the airline/provider regulations/policy allows the requested exchange.

If complete payment has already been obtained amendments may not be accepted inside the airline policy, underneath those instances, amendments can be dealt with as cancellations, and the cancellation fees specified underneath will practice. But, usually, cancellations are completely non-refundable (unless particular). Please observe that maximum suppliers, specifical airways do now not permit a call exchange/date exchange or any modifications, and can don’t forget this as a cancellation with a 100% cancellation rate (in which price ticket is not applied as at the beginning issued).

Modifications earlier than ticket/vouchers issuance

Reservations are totally non-changeable, non-transferable, and non-refundable until specified. However; adjustments before ticket issuance are regulated each in accordance with airline coverage and agency policy and ought to be mentioned with the involved agent as regulations can also vary depending on provider/provider. Changes can’t be guaranteed and could rely on the availability of seats/fares and instructions. Additionally, adjustments incur fee variations/penalties.

As soon as an exchange is requested by way of the visitor, any preceding/current reservation and fares are dissolved to make changes, and consequently, if a tourist chooses to retreat, it is not feasible to offer the equal preceding fare again, or older/previous reservation or seats on previously given/reserved date. Subsequently if so, any fare difference, prices or penalty will apply accordingly to return to the reservation on unique facts.

Name exchange earlier than price tag / Voucher Issuance

Airlines strictly prohibit call changes.Under these occasions, any fare/cost difference as relevant can be payable with the aid of the traveler.

Date/timetable trade earlier than price tag/Voucher Issuance

But, there may not be an equal or reasonably-priced fare available on a brand new date or any date aside from that reserved, to begin with on request. . Underneath these conditions, fare distinction similarly to any date change penalty as applicable on a new/changed date can be payable through the traveler

Reservation Dissolution / Dissolved Reservations/Vouchers:

The name on tickets/vouchers should exactly suit the names/call order/call spellings & name as said on passport or traveler documents.. It’s miles the visitor’s duty to ensure and provide the exact and accurate details to the corporation/airline. Enterprise/employer or airline isn’t responsible for incorrect information of call/spellings on tickets/vouchers or in which the confirmatory emails/require to take a look at are spoke back in advantageous by the vacationer

Call change on Issued Tickets / Vouchers:

Where there’s a minute alternate consisting of one alphabet accurate, name correction (Mr. Leave out/Mrs), or call order correction (Surname / First name. Name), very few airlines can also show flexibility. The airline reserves the overall right to attractiveness or declines the sort of request or correction.

Date alternate on Issued Tickets / Voucher:

All tickets are totally Non-changeable, Non-refundable, and Non-transferable unless in particular stated in the conditions. Date changes on issued tickets are simplest as strict as call changes, with only a few airlines having the flexibility of 1 or modifications authorized at trade penalty and fee differences payable as implemented.

Strict date trade penalties observe on issued tickets as stated inside the airline policy further to fare/tax differences. Also, the price tag may or might not be changeable in any respect. Fare distinction/revalidation fee can also be payable wherein applicable..

on-refundable after check-in time starts or in a few cases, on the same day of flight/reservation.

Expired Tickets / Vouchers:


The call on tickets/vouchers should be exactly in shape with the names/call order/call spellings & title as said on passport or visitor files. It’s far the traveler’s obligation to make certain and offer the exact and correct non-public info to the employer/airline.

Cancellations of reservations

Ought to you for any cause have to cancel your booking you need to deliver us a written note of cancellation signed by means of the person who in the beginning made the reserving or is visiting or each.

When we will Refund You?

Please notice that airline refunds on component used tickets and the return 1/2 of the airfare are always less than the seasoned-rata fee and can haven’t any refund price in any way. Refunds generally take 8 – 12 weeks however in sure cases may additionally take longer or indefinite length including Airline Bankruptcies. Please note, that airlines are directly on top of things of refund matters, refund quantity, or refund date and the organization is only a communique channel, as a result, bears no duty for delays or differentials, or airline moves.

The business enterprise will best record, observe and comply with the tickets/voucher refund and no different declare by any means. But, the enterprise will provide guidelines, support, and observe-up if required for the “actual amount paid’ claims.

Cancellation via tourist

IWhen a traveler cancels a flight or reservation himself or herself, regardless of what the reason may be, the airline cancellation policy as well as the business enterprise cancellation terms apply. This can vary depending on the airline, fare class, or season of a journey. Among the minimum cancellation prices are the e-tickets.

But, we provide complimentary offerings to apply and chase refunds with the airline/lodging on the vacationer’s behalf.The date, time, and amount of refund depend completely on the airline and its respective coverage and the agency is not in charge or responsible in such cases.

In maximum instances, flight tickets/reservations can be entirely non-refundable, non-changeable, and non-transferable *please enquire together with your dealers.

Cancellations by way of airline

The traveler must also provide a ticket copy or any other proof requested by the airline.

Airline Cancellation

In case of airline cancellation, the airline might also provide trade flight options OR full / component refund (relying on conditions/course/repute of price ticket). It’s far up to the visitor to simply accept or decline the airline offers or choose refund/ trade alternatives. The traveler ought to contact the airline immediately in those instances.

The agency is not accountable or has any impact direct or oblique on the airline’s presenting or operations and bears no obligation to airline moves. In case of cancellation by means of airlines (modifications which result in refund processing legal via airline) shall entitle the passenger to the entire refund of all such finances that the airlines pay lower back to us. This figure can also vary from the unique price made, to begin with on the time of reservingIn case the airline authorizes a full refund, we will inform you of any applicable charges in advance.. However, we offer help, services, and help in applying for refunds, obtaining exchange alternatives, and hassle fixing.

Those who wish to know more about flight popularity, refund status, airline operations, schedules, and refunds should directly contact the airline’s headquarters, nearest office, or regulatory authorities.

Grounded airlines/airline moves & refunds

Contact the airline’s head office or air traffic control for accurate information about non-operational, grounded, suspended, bankrupted, or striking airlines.

Grounded/Bankrupt or suspended airline refunds may not be similar to ‘Flight Cancellation through airline’ as in those cases the airline can be absolutely out of reach and all offices close down. The refund system may be very lengthy in those cases and bears no guarantee or legal responsibility of the organization.

Airlines on strikes, in positive instances, might also provide change flights or flights with other / code proportion airline or full/part refundsIt is the airline office’s responsibility to handle airline movements, not the agency.

Infringement Notification

Please send a written notification to our copyright agent if you think any of the content on Our Website infringes your copyright. You can contact us via clicking on “contact us” for clarifications.

Warranty Disclaimer

All itineraries that you acquire through Trips, Our Website, and all content and services offered there are all given “as is” and “as available.”. Although we frequently return a large number of results, we are not exhaustive and do not present all suppliers and deals. As a result, we don’t constantly show the lowest price. To the fullest extent permitted by law, We expressly disclaim all warranties, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, non-infringement, security, and accuracy, as well as all warranties resulting from custom, practice, or course of performance.

Feedback and Response

We welcome your feedback and inquiries, but we might not have time to address all of them.Please be aware that we are not responsible for vetting unsolicited business ideas, such as suggestions for new products or advertisements, and that any similarity between those ideas and things appearing in our services is disclaimed.. Additionally, by sending us your feedback, you’re offering us unrestricted, perpetual, non-exclusive, transferable, and fully compensated permission to use, copy, edit, adapt, publish, translate, and otherwise exploit the information in any way.

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